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  • Invest Period 7 Days
  • Daily Rate of Profit 2.80%
  • Daily Net Profit 224.00 USDT
  • Total Net Profit 1,568.00 USDT
1. Purchase instructions    

 A Mining Contract becomes active immediately  after payment confirmation. Unless otherwise  provided by the applicable law or by a  particular offer, all purchases are final and  non-refundable.       

2. Calculation output    

For the calculation of mining revenue, please refer to the https://icloudminer.com/plans   

3. Output settlement    

The cloud machine will stop operation after the contract expires, and the system will settle the principal and profits for you.   Only when the revenue reaches the amount specified by the platform can it be withdrawn.    

4. Termination of contract    

Upon expiration, your contract will be automatically terminated. Please note that due to the particular nature of the investment projects involved in this contract, at least two copies must be purchased when buying. If the customer terminates the contract early or fails to purchase two copies before the contract is sold out, the contract will be suspended, and daily withdrawals will stop until the missing part of the contract is filled. If the customer breaches the contract, no refund will be given.      

5. Risk tips    

Both shall not be liable for power failure or damage of mines or mining machines caused by natural disasters (flood, debris flow, earthquake, hurricane, etc.), policy impacts (national publications and documents, etc.), war, political turmoil and other force majeure events.